Growth and Changes

Thanks to everyone who attended the Leeds Meet on Saturday, we were overwhelmed with the turnout, particularly as a number of regulars were in Berlin for EF. This included key members of our organising team.

The fursuit walk was one of the largest in our history, with 25 fursuiters in attendance. This number created new challenges and there were a couple of regrettable incidents involving members of the public on the way back to the bar.

This cannot be repeated. We want everyone to feel safe in our city and having spoken to the people affected, we have decided to make a few changes.

1) We are going to alter the route of the fursuit walk to avoid any bars where problems may occur. The route will be determined in advance based on the day’s events in the city. We will also leave the bar at 2:30pm sharp, weather permitting.

2) We will appoint an official fursuit walk lead who will be responsible for its running.

3) We aim to build a closer relationship with the council, who will be able to offer advice on controlling large groups in the city, as well as any specific considerations we may need to make on any specific day.

4) We will look to invest in a walkie-talkie communication system to ensure a more streamlined fursuit walk.

5) We will increase the number of spotters on the walk. We will need volunteers for this, so if you are interested in helping out on a month by month basis, then please contact us.

The Leeds Meets are continually growing and with a new team and venue now in place, we feel these changes will allow the meets to flourish. We also hope that through them, we will be able to have a more enjoyable and efficiently run furmeet.

We are grateful to all furs who have approached us over the last few days to offer help in this regard – we really do have an excellent community here and your support is greatly appreciated.

Thanks once again to everyone who attended over the weekend and we hope to see you on 16 September.

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Upcoming Meets

Leeds Meets generally take place on the third Saturday of every month.

The next meets will be:

#131 – Saturday 21st May
#132 – Saturday 18th June
#133 – Saturday 16th July
#134 – Saturday 20th August

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