Running a Furmeet I – The Difficulties of Finding a Venue

It was good to hear that the new venue went down quite well over the weekend and I hope we can develop a strong relationship with The Old Red Bus Station over the coming months. Many people liked the new fursuit changing area, while we have a number of ideas going forward to make the meets even better. There were a couple of teething problems last Saturday, but we should be able to iron these out over time, while the staff were very happy to have us.

We are delighted the new venue was received positively as finding a new venue is far harder than you might think. This is because we need to find a bar that:

a) Is big enough to hold up to 100 furs

b) Is quiet enough on a Saturday afternoon to accept such a large number

c) Is far enough away from the busy areas of the city, particularly on match days

d) Does not show live sport or host events which would regularly clash with our meet days

e) Does not require a deposit or a minimum spend limit that we cannot reach

f) Is willing to let us leave all our baggage while we go on a fursuit walk in the middle of the afternoon

g) Has a good range of drinks and ideally food, sold at reasonable prices

We have always tried to foster a good relationship with our venues as we know that our circumstances are quite unique. This is why we encourage people to spend on food and drink in the bar as we want a relationship that is mutually beneficial. Consequently, we would like to thank the staff at TORBS and Bar Soba for their help and accommodation over the last few months.

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