LeedsFurs Merchandise

You may have already seen the stylish LeedsFurs lanyards and T-shirts at the meet, with both items featuring our distinctive logo on top of the city colours of blue, yellow and white.

And the good news is that over the next few months, we will be creating a range of LeedsFurs branded merchandise which will be available to pre-order ahead of each meet.

If you want to be the coolest pup (or cat, or dragon, or orca) in town then drop us a message on any of our social media channels with your order and our team of kittens will get to work. The next orders will be delivered in time for the June meet on the 15th – just collect at the venue on the day.

Right now, you can buy a lanyard for £6 and a T-shirt for £10, but watch this space and the Telegram chat for further merchandise launches!

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Upcoming Meets

Leeds Meets generally take place on the third Saturday of every month.

The next meets will be:

#131 – Saturday 21st May
#132 – Saturday 18th June
#133 – Saturday 16th July
#134 – Saturday 20th August

Latest Meet Information

In order to ensure the most consistent latest information is always available during these rapidly changing times, our Telegram channels should be relied upon for information.

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